What to record on a Mortgage Agent Arizona Video Resume?

Are you a mortgage agent?  Mortgage Broker?  Are you experienced?  Or maybe you just got your license?

Get hired by the best?

But how can you differentiate yourself from all the other applicants in metro-Phoenix, Arizona?

More mortgage agents are using a mortgage agent Arizona video resume on the CazVid app.  Even if you are currently employed, let recruiters find you and offer you a better compensation.

A mortgage agent video resume is the best tool to show your personality:

  • keep the video resume short – less than 30 seconds
  • describe your experience as mortgage agent – but keep that for less than 10 seconds
  • if you don’t have experience, describe your sales experience
  • even if you don’t have mortgage experience or sales experience, describe YOU
  • Show your personality.  Show your enthusiasm. Talk about how you like to connect with people.
  • DESCRIBE YOU – and let mortgage companies fight over you!

Where should you post your mortgage agent Arizona video resume:  on CazVid.

CazVid is a free app for mortgage companies, hiring companies, and recruiters to post any openings they have at no cost to them.  The difference is that instead of having a written job opening, the hiring companies record a 30 second video job opening.

Mortgage agents use the CazVid app to find opportunities but also to be found.  They post a 30 second mortgage agent video resume and describe who they are.  At no cost to the mortgage agent applicants, hiring companies can communicate with them or the applicants can find and communicate with hiring companies.

CazVid is the largest free video app for resumes and job openings of mortgage industry jobs!

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