CazVid Browse video resumes for hiring for retail sales position

Retail Sales Employment Made Easy

Looking to hire for retail sales? Forget about the employee shortage and the frustrations of reading through faceless resumes. Instead, CazVid invites you to join its free, video-only, job marketplace. Post a free job listing video that can be promoted to prospective employees at no cost to you!

Simply download the CazVid app and record a short video that describes the retail sales position. Answer possible questions that potential candidates may have such as whether it’s an entry level position or if it’s full or part time. Once you’ve finished recording, share it for job seekers to find on the CazVid platform. Interested candidates will respond to your job listing video with a video resumes that you can view. It’s easy!

In addition to creating job listings, you can also browse video resumes of top sales candidates where you can see and hear their verbal communication skills, personality, and enthusiasm. Check it out now by downloading the CazVid app for iPhone & Android devices.


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