What to say on your scuba diving instructor video resume? Why posting a scuba diving instructor video resume?

What is the best way to find a scuba diving instructor paid gig?

We all got the certificates.  We all got the “plenty of” dives.  But how can I demonstrate that I am a better scuba diving instructor for your school than the next person?

CazVid is a free video- based scuba diving and other employment matching app.”

You can find many websites and apps with scuba diving job postings and scuba diving instructor resumes.  Many of those are written job listings and traditional written resumes and do not show your personality.

Yuvi Shmul, the founder and CEO of CazVid is a scuba diver himself. “what makes a scuba diving trip enjoyable, is the personality and enthusiasm of the scuba instructor.  We have all been with scuba guides who are – well, pretty boring.  And then, some of us have been with funny, energetic and awesome-all-around scuba guides and instructors.”

Employers and owners of Scuba shops know that.  They want to see your personality before they even interview you. period. CazVid is the largest, video-only, video-based, free, employment matching app for scuba instructors and all jobs.  Anyone who is seeking scuba paid gigs sign up for free and record a 30 second video.  Anyone who is offering scuba jobs can record a free 30 second video as well. The two parties can now share, like, communicate and be matched. CazVid is a simple, easy to use, free 30 second employment matching platform for the scuba industries and other jobs.  Try it out: CazVid

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