New Hiring Platform for Arizona Job Seekers and Employers – CazVid

More and more job seekers and employers in Arizona have heard by now about the free platform for employment – CazVid.  CazVid is a unique app where job seekers record video resumes, and employers record video job postings.  The app was designed to help Arizona job seekers to stand out by presenting their personality and communication skills in a video CV (video resume).  Many employers agree that video resumes are a better representation of job candidates vs the traditional written resumes.

In fact, employers in Arizona can use the platform to present their job openings in a video format as well.  Many job candidates find it more interesting to see job postings in a short 30 second videos instead of reading the same long descriptions of job openings – which often all written the same.

The platform of CazVid is free for all employers and job candidates in Arizona.  It takes 15 seconds to sign up, 30 seconds to record a video, and users can start communicating with others within minutes.  Check out the website

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