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More production companies in Medellín are using video resumes to reach out to potential job candidates. Just like any other video resume for any other position, a welder video resume is a great opportunity to get new candidates. Also, with candidates uploading their video resumes, a first screening can be done on the potential welders in Medellín.  

In the past decades we have seen a lot of production being outsourced to other countries like China. Nowadays, it becomes hotter to have production within your own country, which also yields for Colombia. Having local production has 6 main benefits: 

  1. Shorter distances mean less CO2 emissions
  2. Boosting your local economy
  3. Better communication with manufacturers
  4. Ensure better working conditions
  5. Easier control of production
  6. Fast delivery

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Also, potential candidates can record a 30 second video resume on the CazVid app at no charge and contact the production company directly from the CazVid app.

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