Are you looking for a job without experience in Medellín? Find a job for free in the CazVid application!

Do you want to apply for a job without experience needed, in Medellín? Don’t just send the company your written resume, but send a video resume instead, presenting yourself to your future employee. 

Many employers who are looking for employees without any experience needed in Medellín, are now using the free job posting application, called CazVid. CazVid is the only simple, completely free to use job bank, completely based on videos. All applicants can record a 30 second video resume and all companies can record job openings of 30 seconds, in video format as well. 

If you look for a job without any experience required in Medellín, you should download the CazVid application and upload your video resume. Even if you find a job with no experience required on another portal you can share your video resume from the CazVid application with this company. Written resumes are outdated and don’t give a first impression of you as a potential new employee. 

You might be wondering what to say in your video resume, here are some tips: 

  1. It is not about the content that you are telling but about your body language. Present yourself as well as possible and speak clearly and loudly. 
  2. Keep your video resume under 30 seconds. Otherwise, you can’t upload it. 
  3. What is your name, where are you located?
  4. Are you willing to relocate?
  5. Are you looking for an office-based or location-based position, or you prefer a remote position?
  6. Why should the company hire you and not another candidate? What makes you unique?


Once you are ready, publish it on all free video resume databases you can find, like the CazVid application. Make sure potential employees can find you in this free, simple to post video resume platform, called CazVid.