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How to Find English Speaking Nannies in Costa Rica

English Speaking Nanny in Costa Rica

Looking to find a nanny in Costa Rica that is fluent in speaking English? The process of finding the right person can be very unnerving considering that the position entails having a stranger look after your children. Typically you’d first want to hire someone you know such as a family member or friend, but that may not always be possible, especially if they don’t live nearby or aren’t fluent in speaking English.

So what are your options? It’s true that the internet is saturated with websites and services wherein you can find and hire bilingual nannies in Costa Rica, but most of these resources provide only a static picture and a traditional text resume for you to go off of. We believe that when it comes to your children and who you let into your home, you should already have a good idea of who the person is.

The Advantage of CazVid Video Resumes

With CazVid’s video resume platform, you can both hear & see nannies for hire throughout all of Costa Rica before you even make contact with them. Video provides a huge advantage of giving a clear presentation of a candidate’s overall disposition, personalty and communication skills which can be very important if your criteria includes being proficient in speaking the English language. 

CazVid is also completely free and is designed to be incredibly fast and easy to use. To get started in finding and hiring an English speaking Nanny in Costa Rica, simply follow these steps:

  • Download the CazVid App & create a user profile
  • Upload a 30-second nanny job position video
  • Start browsing video resumes of nannies in your area.
  • See a candidate you like? Click “Contact Me”!

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