How to find remote workers without paying fees?

Many small businesses and large employers have been using remote workers.  Previously, remote workers were reserved for certain positions, like call center or IT developers.  However, in the last few years, it is not unusual for companies to hire remote workers for almost any position?

CazVid has created the first, truly, 24/7 virtual job fair.  And the best news – it is free.  No longer do you have to be online at a certain time.  No longer do you need to pay to participate.  No longer do you need to pay any fees while you are paying the remote workers, and no longer do candidates and employers have to fly somewhere to find each other.

In order to participate in the CazVid 24/7 virtual career fair, all you have to do is download the app, sign up, and record a 30 second intro video.  It all takes less than a minute or two.

What’s the purpose of a career fair?

The purpose of a job fair is for employers to get the first impression of the job candidate.  The prospective employee gets the the first impression of the hiring company and the position.  Finally, if both parties like what they hear and see, an interview is scheduled.

CazVid was designed for remote workers to showcase themselves.  Candidates record a remote job video resume.  You will find marketing professional video resumes, admin assistant video resumes, web designers and graphic artists video resumes and the resume videos of sales professionals.  All of those candidates are available to work remotely and provide the employers the services they need.

On CazVid, job candidates and gig seekers will also find the job listing videos and video company show case of many hiring positions.  There are mortgage video job openings, job listings in the legal field, plenty of video job posts related to IT and graphic work and plenty of modeling and influencer opportunities.

CazVid was designed with small businesses and job seekers flexible hiring needs in mind.  CazVid is always free to download record a 30 second video resume or a 30 second job posting video and finally it is always free to communicate, hire and get hired!