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Finding a Nanny in Phoenix, AZ

Finding the right babysitter, nanny, or caretaker in a populous city like Phoenix, AZ is crucial in having a peace of mind that your child is in good hands when you walk out the door, and that can be stressful. Some questions to ask yourself: What makes a good nanny? Is it possible to meet her even before a personal interview? Can I save time in the selection process? With Cazvid, we seek to solve these concerns.

Trustworthiness is typically the primary factor when searching for a candidate to fill this sort of position, and so naturally, the right person often comes from within the friend or family circle. Unfortunately this is not always an available option, especially if you’ve recently relocated and simply don’t know anyone in the area.

The advantages of a nanny video resume

Before getting into the subject, ask yourself this question: do you really have the time to interview numerous candidates? Is the classic printed or digital resume enough to give you an idea of what the person is really like? All the labor of having to sift through stranger after stranger can be very overwhelming, and even unnerving when inviting them into your home for an interview for the first time. In any case, we believe there’s a much better way to go about this, and that would be the video resume.

Now imagine for a moment that you could both see and hear your future babysitter before you even contact her. This is the main advantage of a video resume. Video is able to convey the subtlety of a person’s body language, communication skills, and overall personality, giving you a good impression of who you may be allowing into your personnel space.

With CazVid, screen the nanny before contacting her 

Out of all the Apps and websites that offer nanny, caretaker, or babysitting positions in Phoenix, AZ, Cazvid is the only platform that favors the video resume over the traditional method. Its effectiveness is summed up in the fact that you can both see and hear what the candidate is like way before the in-person interview happens. And it's free!

Looking for a Nanny in Phoenix, AZ? Follow these steps

  • Download the App & create a user profile
  • Upload a 30-second nanny job position video
  • Start browsing video resumes of nannies in your area.
  • See a candidate you like? Click “Contact Me”!

CazVid is free, efficient and easy to use. Check it out now and start browsing babysitter, nanny, and caretaker resume videos!