How to Look for Video Resumes of Mortgage Agents from Phoenix, Arizona CazVid

Do you own a mortgage company? Are you a mortgage broker who needs help?  Are you in the mortgage industry and you are looking for employees in Phoenix, Arizona?

Are you a recruiter who is looking for financial consultants or mortgage agents for your client?

Many employers are now using video interview these days to get to know their candidates beyond written resumes.

However, why even go to video interviews if you don’t think the candidates will be a good match?  Why waste your time?

That’s why you  should search video resumes on CazVid

Written resumes have been the standard for the initial screening of employees.  However, resumes do not show the person’s personality and communication skills that are needed for the job.  Video resumes show the candidate’s communication skills and enthusiasm.

On the CazVid app, you can search mortgage professional video resumes in Phoenix Arizona at no charge, and you can view plenty of video resumes.   Then, you can decide who you want to approach by initiating a conversation with job seekers on the app itself.