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Why does an influencer need am influencer video resume?  After all if she or he is an influencer, companies can find them on TikTok or Instagram.  But believe it or not, companies want to see an influencer video resume of the influencer explaining how the influencer is going to help the companies promote their products and services.

The CazVid Influencer video resume app is a free app where companies can browse the CazVid influencer video resumes of many influencers and promoters and communicate with the influencers and promoters for free.  If the companies like what the influencer or the promoter has to offer, the companies can discuss the scope of work on the CazVid App and compensation directly with the influencers and pay them directly with no commissions.

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The CazVid App is always free to download, sign up, record a video, and all of it can be done in less than a minute or two.  And the CazVid App is always free to communicate with others and get influencer gigs from hiring companies.


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