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CazVid for models: standout from the competition with this App

Cazvid is an App that has revolutionized the way in which models are able to present themselves to modeling agencies and brands around the world. As it is, the competition within the modeling industry is incredibly fierce, and so it’s essential to be using the right tools to stand out in the market. Cazvid provides models with the ability to highlight their personality, talent and image through a one-stop solution, the video resume.

Join us and explore the importance, advantages and how to make a video resume for models, and how this CV format can help you achieve your professional goals.

Advantages of CazVid for models

Cazvid provides numerous advantages for models looking for gigs in the industry. Through state-of-the-art technology, it matches models with relevant job opportunities based on their skills and preferences, saving both time and effort. Here’s the main advantages:

Show off your personality and skills

Cazvid allows you to showcase your skills and personality exclusively with video. Whether you’re modeling clothes, putting on makeup, or talking about your career and personal life, these video resumes allow potential modeling agencies and employers to get to know you in a more personal way. It also enables you to show your versatility and modeling skills in different contexts and environments which can be a significant competitive advantage.

Expand your audience and visibility

As an online video platform, CazVid enables models to reach people around the world who might be interested in hiring them for various projects. In addition, the platform allows contact with designers, modeling agencies and other key players in the fashion industry which increases visibility to potential employers.

Build a personal brand

What is a model without a personal brand? By creating videos and sharing them on the CazVid platform, models can create an online presence that is unique and shows off their personality and style. This can help set you apart from others and make you more memorable to potential employers. Also, by building your own personal brand, you can create an online fan base that becomes a source of support and job opportunities.

How to create a video resume for models

A video resume or personal presentation video is a powerful tool in the modeling industry. Unlike a traditional resume, a video resume allows models to present themselves in a much more dynamic and visual way which can make them stand out from the crowd.

Here’s our top recommendations on how to create an effective video resume to present your skills and experience to modeling agencies.

Creating a CV Video for models

  • Plan your video: Before you even start recording, give thought to what you want to convey and how you want to present yourself. Write out a general outline or script that includes your strengths, experience, skills, and career goals.
  • Select a good environment: Since modeling is all about visuals, make sure the environment is well-lit and conducive for filming. Avoid noisy locations. It’s important that you’re both seen and heard well.
  • Dress Appropriately: Dress professionally and appropriately for the type of modeling you do. If you are going to present multiple styles, make sure they are appropriate for the type of work you want.
  • Speak clearly and confidently: Focus on conveying your personality and energy in your presentation. Speak clearly, confidently and avoid using fillers. If possible, show samples of past work you’ve done so as to give employers a clear an idea of ​​what you can offer.
  • Include additional information: Make sure your video includes your contact details, social media, and resume in an easy-to-read format.
  • Edit and publish: Edit your video, making sure both the sound and visual quality are good. Once satisfied with the result, download the CazVid App on Android or iPhone, and publish your video. With CazVid, you can contact companies or personalities in the industry immediately if you wish, or wait for them to contact you.

Remember that a video resume can be a powerful tool to highlight your skills and experiences as a model. But it’s important that you focus on showing what makes you unique and what you can offer the industry.

What differentiates CazVid from other modeling job boards?

Many job boards exist that support the typical format of the written curriculum vitae, forms, contacts, work sheets, but in the case of modeling, CazVid is ideal for the following reasons:

  • Video Focus: Unlike other job boards that only allow you to upload a resume or cover letter, CazVid focuses on creating introductory videos, allowing models to showcase their personality, skills, and style more effectively. 
  • Visibility: CazVid offers models a greater level of visibility by allowing them to create a shareable presentation video for social media networks and job search platforms.
  • Low Competition: Being a relatively new platform has its perks; CazVid offers less competition than the more established job boards.
  • Easy of use: The platform is easy to use, allowing models to create and post their introduction videos in just a few minutes.
  • Specific Target: CazVid focuses on connecting the specific mutual needs of both the employer and job seeker. In the case of models looking for a gig in the fashion and/or beauty industry, CazVid makes the matching process easy.

In short, CazVid provides models with an innovative and effective method for presenting themselves to employers so as to stand out in the highly competitive industry.