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Find the best employees for a service company

Are you a service company looking to find workers who possess a good attitude, communication skills, excellent customer service and solid training or technical experience? It can be a bit of a challenge finding a candidate with all those attributes, but it is not impossible either. Here you will discover why a video resume has become one of the best strategies in this endeavor.

The importance of video resumes for service companies

As technology advances, a new tool has emerged that facilitates the personnel selection process in a service company: the video resume.

One of the main advantages of a video resume is that it allows you to get a much clearer idea who a candidate is as a person. Unlike a traditional written resume, the video resume shows the most human side of the applicant.

In a video, you can appreciate aspects such as the physical appearance, attitude, personality and communication skills of the candidate. All this, taken together, allows us to have a much more complete image of the individual.

Another benefit of the video resume is that it saves time in the selection process. Instead of sifting through stacks of resumes and making phone or in-person interviews, you can view each candidate’s video resume and make a much faster first selection. In this way, you can move forward more quickly in the selection process and find the right worker in a shorter period of time.

Employees for service companies and the CV video

Service companies often hire employees for a variety of roles, from specialized technicians to people who have good customer relations. Common employees include locksmiths, electricians, plumbers, construction helpers, and general home technicians.

The video resume is especially recommended for employees of service companies that have direct contact with clients since communication skills and attitude play a huge role in the customer service experience. By showcasing personality and skills in a short video, employers can more fully evaluate candidates and make a more informed decision.

Need technical staff? Find high quality profiles with CazVid

CazVid offers additional advantages for service companies in that it’s an app specifically designed to show practical skills in a dynamic environment through video. In the case of service companies where jobs require demonstrations of technical skills and the ability to solve problems in complex situations, this is essential.

With CazVid, candidates can show how they do their job in real time, giving employers a better idea of ​​their skill level and competence.

Another positive aspect of CazVid is that it allows employers to gauge the candidate’s attitude. In the field of customer service, attitude is key. Workers must be friendly, empathetic and have a good disposition to serve customers. With CazVid, candidates can display their attitude, allowing employers to assess whether they’re a good fit for the job position.

The CazVid method for service companies to find employees

When looking for employees, companies face various challenges: the lack of time to review numerous resumes, the difficulty in meeting candidates effectively, and the impossibility of evaluating practical skills and attitude efficiently. In order to address these limitations, CazVid has developed an innovative approach in employee search through the format of short videos.

Method description

The CazVid method starts with the creation of a profile by the candidate which includes basic information such as their name, age, location and work experience. However, what makes this platform unique is that candidates can add short videos that showcase their skills, personality, and experience. In these videos, candidates can provide demonstrations of their practical skills, communication skills, and ability to work in a team. In this way, employers can evaluate candidates in a more complete and dynamic way. Here you can see an example of a creative CV video.

Once candidates have created their profiles and videos, employers can search candidate profiles by category to fit their specific needs. Searches can be made according to skills, experience, and geographic location. When a candidate is found, their videos can be viewed which provides employers with a better understanding of their skills and personality. 

Advantages of finding technical service employees with CazVid

This method of searching for employees through short videos offers multiple advantages for both candidates and employers. Candidates can showcase their practical and communication skills in a much more effective way than on a traditional resume.

Furthermore, they can record a video at any time, allowing them to show off their skills in a realistic environment. On the other hand, employers can evaluate candidates more clearly, allowing them to make informed decisions, which in turn, reduces the risk of hiring the wrong candidate.

The video resume and apps like CazVid are very useful tools for service companies. Thanks to them, you can get to know the candidates better, assess practical skills and temperament, and find the right worker in a shorter period of time. If you are a service company looking for quality workers, you should seriously consider using video resumes and apps like CazVid.