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First job impression video: why is it recommended?

When applying for a job, the first impression that you give to employers is incredibly important. One of the best ways to improve your first job impression is to introduce yourself on video before the interview even takes place. A first impression job video enables you to show yourself up close and personal, demonstrating your skills and experience in a visual and engaging way. In this article, we’ll explain how to create a job impression video and what elements to consider to make a good impression on recruiters, companies or employers.

The importance of making a good impression on employers

Making a good impression in any personnel selection process can make the difference between achieving or not achieving the goals you want. Recruiters often receive dozens or even hundreds of resumes for each open position, so it’s important to stand out from the get-go. A good impression can help you get selected for a second interview, give you an edge over other candidates, and ultimately land the job.

The impression you make on employers is important not only for getting the job, but also for building a good relationship with the employer. By presenting yourself as a professional, self-assured and friendly person, you’ll be demonstrating your communication skills and ability to relate to others. This can be especially important in jobs that require social skills or teamwork, where the ability to establish positive relationships can be crucial to the performance and productivity of the company.

Your first impression can even be decisive for your long-term career. If you present yourself as professional, well prepared, and with a positive attitude, employers are likely to remember and consider you for future job opportunities. Even if you don’t land the job in question, if you make a good impression, employers may refer you to other employers or consider you for other positions at the same company. Therefore, making a good impression can be the first step in building a successful and fulfilling career.

Strategies to make a good impression

There are numerous strategies to make a good impression on employing companies. Here we are going to divide them into two factors: attitude and tools. The “attitude” explores the subjective qualities of your candidacy, while “tools” are the resources that could be used to create a good impression in the job search.

Subjective strategies

Be prepared: Being well prepared for the interview is one of the best ways to make a good impression. Take the time to research the company and position you’re applying for. Review your resume and practice answering common interview questions. Also, make sure to arrive early and dress to impress.

Be respectful and kind: Your projected attitude during the interview can have a huge impact on the impression you make on employers. Be respectful, courteous, and show interest in the company and position. Demonstrate your social skills and try to establish a connection with the interviewer.

Highlight your skills and achievements: Another way to make a good impression is to highlight your achievements and skills that are relevant to the position. Talk about your previous experiences and how your skills can directly benefit the company. It’s also very important to be honest.

Demonstrate Enthusiasm: Employers look for candidates who are enthusiastic and motivated. Show your enthusiasm for the position and the company by talking about why you are interested in working there and how you could contribute to the team.

Be yourself: Finally, it’s important to be authentic and show your personality during the interview. Employers want to meet the real you and not a fake. Employers are more likely to remember you in a positive way if you come across as authentic and honest.

Tools to make a good impression

Review your social networks: It’s not uncommon for employers to research a candidate by looking over their public social media profiles which might communicate more about a person than they would say in an interview. Be careful what impression you might be giving in this area.

Show your own digital ecosystem: A professional who is digitally organized shows organization and seriousness in the way they take things. Let employers know that you have work networks, that you are a reference in the area, that you take care of your personal brand, and that you get along well with digital platforms where your profile appears.

Create a First Impression Video: Also called a video resume or video introduction, this is a powerful tool that is sure to make a good impression on employers. Here we will talk particularly about this tool below.

What is a first impression job video?

A job first impression video is a tool used by candidates to present themselves to employers in a much more dynamic and visual way. Usually 1-3 minutes in length, this short video allows candidates to talk about themselves, their education, work experience and skills. The aim is to stand out from other candidates and make a good first impression on employers.

Among the advantages of a first impression video is the fact that it highlights an individual’s personality, communication skills, as well as allowing employers to get to know the candidate before an in-person interview which can save both time and resources in the selection process. However, it is important to note that the quality of the video and content presented should be professional and tailored to the position and company you are applying to.

Elements of a first impression work video

A good first impression job video should have a few key elements to achieve your goal in making a good impression on employers:

  • Clear and professional presentation: The video should have a clear and professional presentation from the start, including visual and sound quality. Give thought to the impression your clothing choice will give.
  • Content focused on relevant skills and experience: It’s important that the video content is focused on skills and experience relevant to the position and the company to which you are applying. It is recommended to highlight the most important achievements and the most relevant skills, as well as mentioning how they can be applied in the company.
  • Appropriate Length: In order to hold the attention of employers, keep the video under 3 minutes in length. It’s also recommended that the video has a clear and easy-to-follow structure, with an introduction, development and conclusion.
  • Personality and enthusiasm: It’s important to showoff your personality and enthusiasm for the position. This can be achieved by showing a positive and enthusiastic attitude, as well as speaking authentically and naturally.
  • Job and Company Matching: Research the job position and company before shooting the video so as to make the content relevant to those watching. This can help give the impression that you’re interested and committed to the specific company you’re applying to.

Need help knowing how to write a script? Check out our article on writing a resume video script HERE.

What to do with a first impression video

There’s a variety of digital platforms where you can upload a first job impression video to share or for employers to find. The most relevant are presented below:


CazVid is a digital platform specifically designed for the creation and publication of first impression work videos. Users can record their presentation video on the CazVid mobile app and post it on the platform for employers to view.

One of the benefits of CazVid is that it focuses exclusively on work videos which makes it a more specialized platform focused on the needs of candidates and employers. Additionally, employers can search CazVid’s database to find candidates that match their job requirements and view their introduction videos.

If you’re looking for a digital platform that’s specifically designed for the creation and publication of first impression work videos, CazVid is the first option. It checks all the boxes and is all done in a minimalist and easy to use app.


Vimeo is known for its high quality video playback. Users can upload uncompressed high-definition videos, which means your presentation video will look professional and high-quality. This can be particularly important for users looking to make a good impression on employers and recruiters.

Vimeo users can customize the appearance of their video channel and the watch page of their presentation video. They can also add their own logo and other branding details, which can help your presentation video stand out and make it look more professional.

Lastly, Vimeo offers advanced privacy and access control options. Users can control who can see their introductory video and under what conditions, which can be helpful in protecting their privacy and ensuring that their introductory video is shown only to employers and recruiters who are interested in their skills and work experience.

In general, it’s important to choose a platform that’s relevant to the type of job you’re applying to, and to make sure the video is well-optimized for your chosen platform. Also, it’s a good idea to include a link to the job first impression video in your cover letter or resume for easy access by employers. If you want to know more about CazVid, you can visit our website or download the App for both Android and Apple, included in this post.


Linkedin is a professional social network which means the demographic is primarily made up of people looking for jobs or looking to make professional connections. By sharing your presentation video on the Linkedin platform, it’s much more likely to be viewed by employers and recruiters looking for candidates for specific job openings.

Additionally, LinkedIn offers a wide variety of tools and resources to help users create and promote their presentation video. For example, the platform has a built-in video editing feature that allows users to crop and edit your video to make it as effective as possible. In addition, LinkedIn also offers tips and tricks to help users create an effective presentation video that will grab the attention of employers and recruiters.