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How to find work for actors and actresses

If you’re an actor or actress looking for work, then you’re well aware of how difficult that can be. Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or have proven experience in screen acting, stage acting, or voice acting, finding and landing a gig or role that matches your skillset can be overwhelming. Do you know where to even look for auditions and casting calls? Do you know the sectors that would hire you? What’s the best way to you present your profile? We’ll cover all these questions in detail so you will know where to look for acting jobs, how to do it and why a video resume is an excellent option to benefit financially from your acting skills.

First things first: who needs actors and actresses?

The entertainment industry is the obvious sector that’s always looking for actors and actresses. However, it’s important  to be aware of all the other opportunities for acting talent outside the entertainment field. Here’s some examples:

  • Advertising agencies: From commercials to print ads, advertising agencies require actors and actresses for their advertising campaigns. Acting talent may be hired to portray characters in stories or to impersonate the product’s target demographic.
  • Film and television: This is the most obvious industry with the most opportunities for actors and actresses. Film and television acting can range from being a nonspeaking extra role, to leading roles in big-budget productions.
  • Theatre: There’s nothing like seeing a production performed live and in the flesh. From small community theaters to large productions, theater acting can provide a variety of opportunities for stage performers.
  • Video game industry: Video games have come a long way since Pong and now need actors and actresses to bring game characters to life. From voice acting to choreographed motion capture, acting talent is needed in today’s video game industry.
  • Education: Some educational programs like to simulate real situations that students may face in their careers. This can include medical scenarios, legal or business situations, among others.
  • Live Events: Award ceremonies, festivals, and concerts often feature live performances. Acting talent can be hired to participate in these events as hosts, presenters, or to perform musical or comedy numbers.
  • Organizations and companies: When it comes to training or internal presentations, companies and organizations sometimes hire actors and actresses to interpret real-life situations to teach specific skills to employees.

There’s numerous sectors that require acting talent for various purposes on screen, stage, or voice only. Being an actor or actress can be a very versatile and exciting career with opportunities to work in a wide variety of projects and industries, but what about acting in the digital world?

Acting work on social media platforms

As social networks such as Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook have become popular forms of entertainment and marketing, companies and content creators have sought acting talent to bring their videos and advertisements to life. The various needs include:

  • Content creators: Content creators on social media such as YouTube often hire actors for their videos.
  • Influencers: These types of profiles on social networks have also begun to use acting in their publications. Actors and actresses may be hired to make cameos in your videos or to help tell a specific story.
  • Online commercials: Companies have begun creating ads specifically for YouTube and social media and are often looking for actors and actresses to star in them. These commercials can range from short ads to longer videos.
  • Digital productions: Streaming platforms have also started to produce original content and are often looking for actors and actresses to play the lead roles. These movies and shows can be distributed through digital platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The point we’re trying to make is that there’s a huge demand for actors and actresses that isn’t just limited to the obvious avenues of cinema, television, theater and advertising. YouTube and social media are also looking for acting talent for digital productions, influencers, online commercials, and content creators.

The video resume: the ideal method for actors looking for work

The video resume is the perfect tool for actors and actresses to promote themselves when looking for a gig or long term role. In this post, we’ll explain the advantages of a video resume over a traditional resume when it comes to acting jobs:

  • Highlight acting skills: A video resume enables actors and actresses to demonstrate their acting skills through a clear visual demonstration. With audio and video, an actor can highlight their talent by showing casting directors their ability to take on different roles and characters.
  • Show the personality of the actor or actress: A video resume is also an opportunity for actors and actresses to show their personality and acting style. Through the way they present themselves in the video, actors can display their creativity, improv skills, charisma, and other characteristics that can be attractive to employers.
  • Save time: Unlike a traditional written resume which can be tedious to review, a video resume allows potential employers to quickly see what an actor has to offer. This can save both the actor and employer time and effort in the casting process.
  • Easy to share: A video resume is also easy to share using digital media such as social media or email. This means that actors can reach a wider audience, including potential employers in other cities or even countries.
  • Show Variety: By using different scenes and characters in the video resume, actors can demonstrate their ability to take on different roles and adapt to diverse genres and situations.

How to make a video resume if you are an actor or actress?

Making a CV video may sound complicated, but we assure you that it’s not. In any case, here’s a short, but detailed method on how you can get started and go all the way to the end of the process:

  • Planning: Before starting, it’s important to plan what you want to show in the video resume. Create a list of the acting jobs you’ve had, your skills, and the accomplishments you want to highlight. Also decide the length of the video and the tone you’re looking to convey.
  • Script: Once you have the plan, write a script for the video. The script should be concise and focused, and should include key information about your experience and skills. You should also think about how to visually present the information in the video.
  • Recording: The next step is to record the video. Make sure you have good lighting and sound, and practice before recording to make sure you can speak confidently and fluently. If possible, use a high-quality camera and microphone.
  • Editing: After recording, it’s time for editing. Trim the video to make it concise and focused. Add music, transitions and other effects to make it more appealing. Make sure the video has a logical flow with key information that stands out.
  • Share: Once finished, share your video resume with agents, casting directors, casting managers, or anyone who would interested in your work as an actor or actress. Make sure your video is on an easily accessible platform such as CazVid.

Upload your video resume on CazVid

Looking for an online platform to upload your video resume? CazVid is a great option as it’s specifically designed for all types of video resumes, and can connect you with people in the industry that are looking for talent.

One of the advantages of the CazVid app is that it’s easy to use. Without needing to be tech savvy, you can easily upload your video resume within just a few minutes. You can also add details about your work experience and skills to complement the video as this additional information is useful for producers and casting directors looking for talent.

In conclusion, the great advantages of CazVid is its wide audience, user experience, and being free. Being an App for job offers and video resumes, its projection capacity is immense. Think about it: you can share your CazVid profile on your social networks and resume to increase the exposure of your profile and thus have a better chance of getting a job, but it will also make you visible to talent scouts who frequently demand acting personnel.