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Making a video resume for digital nomads

When it comes to finding work as a digital nomad, it can be very challenging to compete against all the other online candidates who are looking at the same position. The question must then be asked: how do you stand out from the crowd to get the attention of clients? Our answer to this would be to make a video resume for digital nomads. In this article, we’ll delve into the process of improving your digital nomad profile through this format, and we’ll also share what platforms are the most ideal for showcasing yourself to employing companies.

The benefits of a video CV for digital nomads

The video resume is an original and creative way to present yourself to employers in that video is able to convey so much more in terms of your personality, skills, in past experience in a dynamic and visual medium. Rather than sending a written document with your academic and professional history, simply record a video wherein you can introduce yourself and explain why you would be the ideal candidate for the position.

As it pertains to the digital nomad lifestyle, this format is especially useful since it requires only an internet connection to connect with employers, and doesn’t require meeting in person at a fixed location.

A digital nomad that takes advantage of the video resume greatly increases their chances of standing out from the competition by tailoring their presentation to the particular job and client they’re seeking.

Additional benefits

The benefits of creating and sharing a video resume for digital nomads also includes the following:

  • Presenting an audio-visual portfolio: If you happen to work in a field that uses audio and visual elements, this is a great format to provide examples of your past projects or collaborations with other digital nomads.
  • It allows demonstrations of your technical knowledge and multimedia skills.  Many companies value profiles that are adaptive and are able to provide innovative content and ideas.
  • Save time and money without having to print documents or travel to job interviews. Simply send your video resume to multiple hiring companies all from your computer or smartphone.

Components of a video resume for digital nomads

A video resume shouldn’t be just an audible reading of your traditional written resume. Consider including some of these basic elements to help make your video resume appear professional and effective:

  • Personal introduction: begin the by introducing yourself, your profession and what the purpose of your video resume is. Keep it brief and on point.
  • Knowledge: While keeping it relevant to the position you’re applying for, share what studies, courses, certificates or languages you have. Remember to keep it brief in highlighting only the most important information and what sets you apart from other candidates.
  • Past experience: Again, in keeping it relevant, talk about your past work experience such as what roles you have played, skills you have developed, accomplishments achieved and how these things could be beneficial to position you’re applying for.
  • Motivations: Share what you’re passionate about, why you would want to work for this particular company or client and what you could contribute if hired.
  • Closing statement: Finish the video resume with a thank you and a call to action. Give an invitation to the employer to contact you. You can also invite them to view your written resume, website, or social media page for additional information.

Mistakes to avoid in creating a video CV for digital nomads

  • Low production quality: presenting poor picture or sound may give the impression that your work will also be of the same caliber. Giving thought to the environment you decide to shoot in is very important. Make sure the scene is well lit, in focus, framed well, and quiet.
  • Too much or too little information: Your video resume is a way to introduce yourself and generate interest in your profile, but rambling on about irrelevant details can really make the video drag. Employers are watching with the purpose of seeing whether you are a candidate that matches the profile they’re looking for. Ideally the video should be structured with a pre-written script or outline so as to stay on point and keeping it under 2 minutes in length.
  • Unprofessional: Not giving thought to your image or words can negatively affect how employers perceive you as a worker. Dressing appropriately for the position that you’re applying for and speaking respectfully can help in giving the impression of professionalism.
  • Not including contact information: Providing your name, telephone number, and email is highly recommended, but avoid giving unnecessary or personal information such as your home address or marital status.

Where can digital nomads promote their video resume?

Already recorded and edited your video resume? The next step is to share it with companies or clients of interest. Depending on your goals and preferences, there’s different ways to distribute and promote your digital nomad video resume.

  • Upload to video platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, and CazVid are platforms wherein you can create a channel or profile with your contact information and links to your written resume or website. This is a great way to generate visibility for recruiters to find and contact you.
  • Share on social media: Social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram allows you to take advantage of your network of contacts and followers to share your video resume to generate interest in your professional profile.
  • Send an email: Either through a link or an attached file, send an email to clients or companies that interest you. In this circumstance, it’s important that your video CV is accompanied by a cover letter or a brief and professional email wherein it’s explained the reason for contacting them.
  • Set up a personal web page:  Create a web page wherein you can host your video resume along with your written resume, portfolio, testimonials, references and your contact information.

CazVid, the ideal option

When it comes to digital nomads, the most recommended option would no doubt be CazVid. With CazVid, creating and sharing your video resume is free and easy, and can be done all in the app. In a 30 second video, you can describe your professional profile as well as your career goals for employers to see.

In addition to being able to share your video resume, CazVid also allows you to watch job listing videos that can be filtered by industry, location, or contract type. See a job posting that interests you? Contact the employer for free in the app by messaging them and sharing your video resume. When it comes to finding a job fast, CazVid is the ideal solution for digital nomads.

CazVid is available now for download on iPhone and Android devices.