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Video Resumes for Entrepreneurs: how and why do it?

Do you have a business project that you’re looking to launch or finance? Want to attract the attention of potential clients? Or do you just need to accompany your project with a video that talks about you, what you do and your experience? Well, there’s a way to achieve all these objectives through a single format, and that’s the video CV for entrepreneurs. Interested in knowing how to go about creating one and why it’s even important? Continue reading as we answer these questions.

What is a video resume for entrepreneurs?

Depending on the case, a video resume for entrepreneurs is one that’s used to accompany the presentation of a business idea. Through an audiovisual format, it presents the profile of the entrepreneur, their knowledge, vision, skills, experience and abilities to develop their commercial project, be it the production of goods or services.

The video resume for entrepreneurs differentiates itself from a standard video resume in that it has different intentions. While the video resume is presented to employers with the hope of getting hired, the video CV for entrepreneurs is designed to convince partners, sponsors, shareholders or financiers of a project that needs support.

Importance of a video presentation of your project

The importance of this type of video lies in the opportunity it offers the entrepreneur to inspire credibility, confidence and authority in the eyes of a team, a potential partner, or investor when promoting their role as leader of a specific project.  The video CV for entrepreneurs is ideal for capturing the attention of the people who will be helping promote the project.

What is the use of a video CV for entrepreneurs?

The purpose of a video CV for entrepreneurs varies and is dependent on the nature of the venture and its intention. Here’s some examples of the most common:


When the entrepreneur’s strategy is to seek financing through the support of multiple investors, crowdfunding is one of the most used modalities. Here the video CV for entrepreneurs is vital: you must expose your entrepreneur profile to numerous audiences. For this, there are several online sites where you can share your project and gain investors.

Landing page of projects

In general, entrepreneurs will sometimes incorporate the creation of landing pages for the project into their marketing strategy. Showcasing your video resume as an entrepreneur on these types of sites retains its initial objective: letting visitors know who’s leading the project, exposing your profile, vision and capabilities.

Entrepreneurship social networks

If the project’s information is accessible on social networks (which is highly recommended), publishing the professional profile of the entrepreneurial leader is a way to build trust and credibility. As it is, customers and users are interested to know the background of a brand’s founder. The video CV for entrepreneurs would be a way to captivate them.

Portfolio and professional profiles

It often happens that an informative dossier of the project will be requested where you can include the complete project, resume and other valuable documents, but the usefulness of a video resume for entrepreneurs cannot be understated here. A PDF or text file simply will not speak as well as a video with your image, voice, tone, thought, and attitude.

Digital job platforms

It’s always beneficial for the entrepreneur to have a profile on professional platforms such as CazVid or Linkedin so that clients, partners and other possible allies can easily find you in the digital ecosystem.

Characteristics of a video CV for entrepreneurship

As mentioned previously, the video CV for entrepreneurs doesn’t seek to land a job, but rather to promote leadership and the vision of a project with the ultimate goal of winning allies, investors, and clients. This leads us to consider a different type of video resume which has the following characteristics:

  • Persuasive: the idea is to convince, therefore, using persuasion always implies talking about the benefits of the project and your ability to make it possible.
  • Dynamic: if there’s something that this type of video must have, it’s dynamism. It can’t be dull and the overall attitude of the entrepreneur cannot be heavy. Here we talk both about what’s shown and about visual dynamism.
  • Brief: Distill the facts. Say enough without giving too much or too little information. Keep it concise and always relevant.
  • Creative: the video CV for entrepreneurs isn’t the typical talking head of a work video resume. Here the idea is to show what you do, the workplace, the results, and your team. It’s a bit more elaborate in contrast to other types of CV videos.

How to make a video resume for entrepreneurs?

If you already possess a basic knowledge of video production, editing, and cinematography principles, then you’ll have no problem. If you don’t have this experience, then it’s recommended to seek a professional service. The CV video for entrepreneurs requires a higher production standard since there’s a brand, project, or business at stake. Showing a poorly made video may give the impression to a client or investor that the project itself could be of the same quality.

Beyond the technical aspects, great care should be taken in what you plan on saying and how your video entrepreneur CV will be structured. To do this, consider making a script for your video resume which will be the framework of everything that’ll be both seen and heard in the final product.

If you think that the technical part can be solved by yourself, here’s some things to take into account:

  • Establish the vision: Consider the overall goal before you even start recording. Think about the project, what you should say, what’s important to say, what investors need to hear.
  • The script: Write out what will be said in your entrepreneurship CV video. Don’t settle on the first draft, but refine it.
  • Support Shots: Accompany everything you say with relevant B-roll footage. For example, if your venture is about a bakery, include shots of the bread you make. Don’t just talk about what you do, or who you are, show it!
  • Work with a structure: The classic structure for this is the following: introduction, development, closing. In other words: introduce yourself, develop your presentation and leave a closing statement.

Where to host the video resume of a venture?

The process of launching a project with all of its subsequent stages is dynamic, that’s why having a digital space to host your video CV for entrepreneurs is very useful.

CazVid is of course our top recommendation for hosting as it specializes in video resumes of all types. Not only is it a platform to find work or hire, but it’s also designed for entrepreneurs to showcase their business projects for companies and potential partners to see.

Creating a video CV for entrepreneurs not only adds a ton of value to the profile of a project leader, but it’s quickly becoming an indispensable necessity to use it. Its functions are undoubtedly effective in optimizing the delicate work of promoting your business leadership, style, ideas and even the products or services that you’ll offer to your future clients.