Welcome to the largest 24/7 virtual Career Fair. CazVid is the 24/7 worldwide, online, job fair app

And here comes CazVid with its innovative concept.  Take a simple casual video, an up to 30 second video, and present a job opening or a job seeker.  Isn’t that what career fairs are all about.

As you are roaming around the different booths in job fairs, the hiring companies are trying to grab your attention with a quick 30 second conversation.  They present themselves (the hiring company) and their openings (job description) to you, the job seeker.

You do the same.  You present yourself, mainly your personality, level of excitement and communication skills, as a job seeker to the hiring companies.

Rarely someone is being hired on the spot.  Career fairs are about getting the first impression and GETTING THE INTERVIEW!!!

CazVid is the largest 24/7, around the clock, completely free, virtual job fair.   The way it works is that job seekers record a CazVid video intro, call it a video bio, video resume, video curriculum vitae, or just call it the “me” video.  But it is the same concept.  It is a quick video presentation of who you are.

Employers, record a CazVid video job posting.  It is a video presentation of the job opening, and a quick few words about the company or the hiring person.

Next, employers can view the videos of jobs seekers, and job searchers can view the videos job listing.

Finally, on CazVid, communicating with each other is always free.  Job seekers, employers, get into the largest virtual free career fair in the universe on the CazVid App

Virtual 24/7 Job Fair