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Find job openings as 30-second videos and apply to jobs with your 30-second video resume. It is that easy.

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Download CazVid on the App store to find a job
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What is CAZVID?

CazVid is a free app for finding jobs or employees. In the App, all job offers and resumes are videos of less than 30 seconds. Easily filter to find job openings and candidate resumes in your area or category. Do you see a job or candidate that interests you? Contact them within the App and respond with a short 30-second video.

Download CazVid on Play Store to find a job
Download CazVid on the App store to find a job


Do you have a job opening? 

Simply post your offer for free, with a short 30-second video describing the job and its requirements. Reading dead resumes is already history. Candidates can contact you or respond to your offer with their video resume. This allows you to quickly see the potential of future candidates.


Are you looking for a job? Easily explore all job offers listed in the App. Do you see a job of your interest? You don't need to upload any written resumes or boring repititive forms. Just contact the company with your short 30-second video resume. You can be as creative as you want to show why you are the perfect candidate for the job.


Send messages in the App!  Do you see a job or candidate that you like? Click "Contact Me" on the right hand side of the video and send a direct message in the App. Introduce yourself, express your interests and share your video. With CazVid it's that easy.

CazVid aplicación para buscar empleo

CazVid Benefits

Cazvid, makes it easy to find work and hire new employees. With CazVid you can browse, find and apply for jobs within seconds. Employers ca easily find and contact qualified candidates.


Attract candidates by describing and showing what the job is about with a 30-second video.


You can register easily and quickly with just your phone, email or Apple or Google login. Registration takes less than 15 seconds and it is FREE!

Message potential job opportunities & candidates for free right in the app. No cost to post & view jobs or communicate.
cazvid - free video app resumes and job listings

Explore video job openings by job type or location. Do you see any job that you like? Contact and get hired.


Show your personality! Create a short 30-second video showcasing your skills and why you should be hired.


Like a video and want to bookmark it for later? Click the “star” on a video listing and add it to your “For Me” favorites.

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App Screenshots

CazVid allows you to publish your resume or job offers as videos. Record your video or your job offer within the App or create a video and upload it. Are you looking for a job? Separate yourself from others and show your talents and personality. Are you posting a job? Show the workspace and the requirements of the job opening! Be as creative as you want to be.

aplicación para empleos

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers. If there is anything else you want to know, you can contact us.

What is CazVid?

CazVid is a free app for posting video curriculums and video job postings. The big difference between CazVid and traditional recruitment websites is that CazVid is fully based on videos less than 30 seconds. Anyone can post videos, view jobs and communicate, all for free.

What does CazVid mean?

Caz = casual

Vid = video

CazVid was created to be a simple and easy to use video sharing app that connects candidates with jobs. CazVid allows you to quickly explore job openings and candidates in your area (or remotely). Use CazVid to introduce yourself and get the conversation started.

How does CazVid differentiate from similar apps and websites?

CazVid was specifically designed to be a simple video resume and video job posting application. At CazVid we believe that for certain jobs and services, traditional resumes are outdated. Video-based resumes are the best tool to showcase your charisma, communication skills and personality. We believe that with today's technologies and the right mindset from employees and employers, video job postings and video resumes are more useful than written resumes and job postings.

On which devices can I use CazVid?

CazVid is available for IOS and Android (as of Android 9). It can be downloaded from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

How can I contact companies or candidates?

Click on the "Contact Me" button on the right hand side of each video to be able to send a private message to a company or candidate.

Is CazVid a free application?

Definitely YES!!!! Within CazVid everything is free, you can download the free app, see jobs for free, post jobs for free and contact people/companies for free.

What is the cost of posting a video job offer?

CazVid is completely free for employers to post jobs and also for candidates to post their video resumes.

We have sponsored posts for business opportunities, paid trainings and required services. Please review CazVid's terms and conditions for posting videos.

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Download CazVid on Play Store to find a job
Download CazVid on the App store to find a job


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