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What is CazVid?

CazVid is a free, video-based social media network for finding jobs or employees.

The goal is to change the outdated method of job offers and resumes in writing. Instead, CazVid can be used as the first and only social network for video job postings and video resumes.

Traditionally, employers used written vacancies and candidates applied with written resumes. However, these written resumes don't give a great first impression of the candidate itself. CazVid solves this problem by allowing candidates to show their talents and personality in a video resume of 30 seconds.

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Cazvid is free to download, register, post and share videos. CazVid is also free for communication with employers or employees. It is a simple, free and fast to use application, where job seekers record 30-second videos, showcasting their skills, experience and personality. Likewise, employers record videos of up to 30 seconds presenting their job offers, company and requiered skills. Additionally, employers can connect and message candidates and vice versa, directly from the app.

CazVid is available for full-time jobs, temporary jobs, remote jobs and short projects/gigs.

Record a video with the job requirements and find candidates, or show your personality and skills in a selfie video and find your dream job.

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