Looking To Hire?

Employers looking to hire can record and share a free 30 second job listing video on the CazVid app.

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Looking For A Job?

Job Seekers can record and share free 30 second Video Resumés on CazVid. Below are some example Resumés Videos.

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Actress & Author

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Economics & Finance Student

What is CazVid?

CazVid is a Free Job Marketplace where all Job Listings and Resumés are short 30 second videos.

Video Job Listings

Looking to hire? Simply post a free, short 30 second video describing the job and the qualifications you seek. No more reading through faceless resumes. Applicants can request to contact you or reply with a short 30 second video resume. This enables you to quickly see and screen potential candidates!

Video Resumés

Looking for a job? Quickly and easily scroll through video job listings. See a job you like? No more uploading resume documents and filling out repetitive application forms. Simply contact them or reply with a free, 30 second video resume (be as creative as you like!) showcasing why you’re the best candidate for the job!

Download CazVid

Download Now! CazVid is a free video resume and video job listing app. Download and immediately browse and post job listings. Scroll until you find the perfect job or post a job and find the perfect candidate! Register for free and record your own videos right in the app today.
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CazVid Features

CazVid makes job searching and hiring easy!  With CazVid you can swipe, find and apply for jobs in seconds. Employers can quickly find and contact qualified job candidates.

Free Job Postings
Attract job candidates by describing and showing the job position with a short 30 second job video.
Free Sign-Up
Quick & easy 15 second sign-up using Apple, Google or Facebook. Registration and communication free.
Free to Communicate
Contact and connect with potential job candidates for free. No cost to post jobs or communicate.
download CazVid job search app
Browse Job Listings
View job listing videos by categories and location. See a job you like? Contact and apply.
Video Resumes
Be as simple or creative as you like. Create short 30 second resume videos highlighting your skills and interests.
Like & Follow
Like videos and follow users to be notified when new job listing videos or resumes are posted.

App Screenshots

CazVid enables you to post video resumes and video job listings. Record your video resumes and video job listings right in the app. Found a job or filled a position. Turn your video(s) off by setting the video to private. Easily manage your account setting and contact info.

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