Paralegal – to Digital Reporter (Montgomery, AL)

Montgomery,Alabama,United States

Veritext Legal Solutions

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Remain a critical part of the litigation system and be your own boss as an independently contracted Digital Reporter with Veritext Legal Solutions, offering hybrid services. Our Partner Program welcomes those new to Digital Reporting, fully preparing you for success as an important part of our legal system.

Digital Reporters are members of a team of independent contractors who officiate legal proceedings and capture the record of the event through audio recordings and note taking. Digital Reporters (DR)’s are not shorthand reporters or stenographers, and no stenographic tools or training is required. High-tech audio recording will be used to capture witness testimonies during depositions or other legal proceedings.

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Job duties include:

Managing the proceedings as an independent arbiter of the record
Swearing-in witnesses and acting as Notary of the State
Generating a clear and complete recording of the proceeding using high-fidelity audio technology
Creating accurate and detailed annotations of case events and terminology to serve as a guide for subsequent transcription.

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