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The main purpose of an online video presentations is to highlight a specific topic or the profile of a company or person. It is a widely used audiovisual tool in universities, schools, business organizations and the job market. But what is a video presentation and how is it made?

What is a Video Presentation?

A video presentation is a way to organize relevant information on a topic pertaining to a professional profile or an organization through an audiovisual or multimedia format. The goal is to communicate in a practical, effective and creative way. These types of presentations have been increasing in popularity as communication technology has become widely accessible over the past decade.

Characteristics of a Video Presentation

A presentation video can include other forms of media such as text, photos, clip art, music, sound effects, and more. Basically anything that can help organize and present ideas in a coherent way that stays focused on what is relevant.Video presentations (for the most part) are also meant to be brief. Through creativity means, being able to say a lot in a short period of time is one of the advantages of video.

Types of Video Presentations

Job presentation video

In addition to the traditional written resume, job presentation videos are used as a powerful tool in the profile of a candidate or an applicant. Some confuse it with a video resume, but there are some differences. The video curriculum favors the video of your own image more than other multimedia resources. On the other hand, the presentation video uses more multimedia resources to expose the information and is often referred to as a CV presentation video.

Personal introduction video

The aim of a personal introduction video is to expose the qualities of a person, their profile, a specific skill set or activity. Unlike a resume video or presentation video, it is not used to search for a job, but is often used by entrepreneurs, renowned personalities, authorities, or as a lobby for educators and speakers.

Business Presentation Video

The focus of a business presentation video is to define the main objective of the organization. These types of videos tend to be more informative than visual, and are used for corporate events, training activities, staff training, work networks, board meetings, and also to expose topics related to the company on social networks and web pages.

Video presentation for conferences

The conference video presentation serves as visual support for the speaker, and is widely used by professors and authorities in various subjects to communicate to the audience a coherent order of ideas. It supports the speaker’s intervention, but does not replace it.

Creative Presentation Videos

Companies, personalities, corporate and personal brands, and even non-profit organizations use creative presentation videos to create atmosphere, impact, and engage their audiences. They are creative because they transcend mere information and show off original forms of exposure, making use of more sophisticated technologies. For example: lights, holograms, sounds and images in three dimensions, virtual reality, etc.

Video Presentation Examples

Here are some examples of what your presentation videos could be used for:

  • To search for workers
  • To look for work
  • To talk about you in an original way
  • To present a product or service
  • For your academic exhibitions
  • To present your business, company or venture
  • To open an event with special guests
  • For the start of an activity
  • Your wedding, graduation, or birthday

Tips for Creating a Video Presentation

Here are some steps in how to make your own video presentation:

  • Think about the overall objective of the video
  • Compile the information that will be presented
  • Structure your video with a general outline
  • Write a script, prioritizing the most important information
  • Visualize the concept. Will you incorporate still images, music, or text?
  • Decide what you will use to edit & assemble your video presentation online.

The Top Free Resources to Make Video Presentations

Whether you’re looking to create a video presentation for a resume, business or for a product or service, here we have compiled a list of the top free websites and tools to get it done:

Powtoon Presentation

According to its website, Powtoon is used by brands like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Dell, IBM, among others. It’s a powerful tool for creating online presentations, and with an easy learning curve. It’s a tool to animate presentations and incorporate creative elements in various styles and formats.

Make videos in Power Point

Microsoft Office has one of the most popular tools for making simple video presentations. It has templates, numerous tutorials on the internet, and it won’t be complicated if you’re familiar with Windows. You can even download free PowerPoint video templates, pre-designed by experts.

Video Presentation in Canva

Who doesn’t know Canva? We already know everything that this design platform can do for those who are not professionals in graphic design, let alone video editing. Canva is intuitive and has numerous well-balanced and occasional templates at your disposal. In addition, it has one of the most enviable free multimedia libraries on the market.

Genially Video Presentation

The great thing about Genially is that it is a highly professional and completely free tool. It is definitely one of the best options for its versatility, intuitiveness, simple interface, and amount of multimedia resources. There you can make interactive content, infographics, and truly amazing video presentations.

As we mentioned before, video presentations are already a huge part of the digital culture that our modern world is in. The good side is that there’s already countless tools for making these types of videos on the internet.

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