Should I get a Commercial Pilot Video Resume? What to say on a Corporate Pilot Video Resume?

It’s kinda obvious that video resumes are the best first impression tool for salespeople and hospitality workers.  Salespeople and other entry level positions can “win” the chance for an interview with a video resume that shows their communication skills.  Well the CazVid platform of video cover letters and video resumes is also THE TOOL for recent student pilots, pilots who just got their CFII, and pilots who are trying to get commercial pilot jobs or corporate pilot jobs.  Pilots know that you need the right app to make your flight planning easier, but do they know that they also need the perfect video resume to “land their dream pilot  job interview”!

Employers want to get “a good feeling” about the pilots who represent them to their passengers.  Pilot Video resumes on CazVid demonstrate that a pilot is well spoken, professional, personable, and can go above and beyond their piloting skills. With CazVid’s video resumes, pilots can record a free 30-second video presenting themselves, discussing their experience, and explaining why they should be chosen for a full time job, a part time gig, and even a short project.

CazVid is free to sign up and record a video.  It takes less than 15 seconds to sign up and less than a minute to record and share a video.  CazVid is always free to post videos, share them, and communicate with others.  CazVid is the largest video-only, pilots and other employment and income related social media.

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