Are you looking for a bilingual remote job in México?

More and more companies in México need bilingual personnel that can work remotely. Besides people being able to work remotely, being bilingual is a requisite for those companies as well. A lot of people say that they are bilingual, but in fact they just speak one language fluently and only master the basics of the second language. This problem can be covered by asking for a bilingual video resume. In a bilingual video resume a people can express themselves in both languages, creating a great first impression of the potential candidate. CazVid gives the option for bilingual remote job seekers to do just that.

CazVid is a free application based on short, 30 second videos of both candidates and jobs. For Mexican companies looking for bilingual remote workers this is the ideal application to use. Within the application you can scroll through different bilingual video resumes to get the first impression of your future employees. The best thing of all is that this process is 100% free. With CazVid you can upload a video, contact people and hire people without any costs.

How to create your bilingual resume?

1. Body language is key
2. Create half of the resume in English and half in Spanish
3. Dress well
4. Avoid background noise
5. Introduce yourself and explain why you should be hired
6. Smile
7. Get hired

For companies to use CazVid they also need to make a short, 30 second video of their remote bilingual job position in México. This gives the potential candidates to already see their future boss or manager.

The CazVid application can be downloaded and used for free in both the Google Play Store and the App store. Be sure to upload your bilingual video resume and get hired soon.

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