Looking for a remote job as a sales development representative in Medellín? Go to CazVid, publish your video resume and get hired.

Do you want to learn best practices for networking in different fields, managing business relationships and developing a good reputation? Then find a remote job in Medellín as a sales development representative with the free and simple recruitment application, called Cazvid.

Salespeople develop the ability to seek out leads in any situation, enabling them to make lasting connections with many different people. People who enjoy working with others can build lasting personal and community relationships through their sales job. The advantage of sales jobs is that you can do your job mostly remotely creating freedom and more free time. Within the job bank of CazVid you can find your remote job in Medellín as a sales development representative within 5 minutes.

CazVid is a free platform for job openings and video resumes. All the resumes and job openings are video format, recording yourself explaining your skills or your job opening within 30 seconds. The whole process of downloading the app, making an account and recording a video will not take you more than 5 minutes. After you are ready you can communicate directly with the recruiters of the remote jobs in Medellín.

Are you wondering what to say in your remote job video resume? Here we give you some tips:

First impressions are key. Dress well and try to present yourself in the best way possible.
Try not to use a script, the more natural you look the better it is.
Always articulate and don’t speak too fast.
Be sure to use the right volume, don’t speak too soft.
Make a short introduction, tell something about your skills & experience and explain why the company should hire you.

The application was specially created for remote workers and local employees. Within just a few minutes you can finish the whole process of creating your account, recording a video and applying for the remote job you like. New jobs are added every day, so don’t hesitate any longer and download the CazVid application right now.

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