Looking for working from home jobs in Colombia?

2020 has been a year with big changes based on the worldwide pandemic that we were facing. Before this pandemic working from home jobs in Colombia weren’t as popular as they are nowadays. Due to the necessity of starting to work remotely in Colombia a lot of software has been developed to make this process as easy as possible. Working from home in Colombia has become easier than ever before, by using the free CazVid application. 

With the free CazVid application you can browse working from home jobs in Colombia. This gives you the opportunity to work for companies in the United States, Europe, Australia, Dubai and much more. The only thing you need to do is upload your video resume in which you describe which remote job in Colombia you want. The best thing about CazVid is that it is completely free to use and find a job. Currently, CazVid is the biggest video resume and job video application in the world. 

CazVid is a free platform for remote job openings and video resumes. All the resumes and job openings are based on videos. You need to record yourself, explaining your skills or your job opening within 20-30 seconds. The process of downloading the app, creating your account and recording a video will not take you more than 5 minutes. After completion of the process you can find your remote job in Colombia, creating the opportunity to work for companies all around the world. 

Are you wondering what to say in your working from home job video resume? Here we give you some tips:

  1. First impressions are key. Be sure you dress well and present yourself the best you can. 
  2. Don’t use a script, the more natural you are talking the better it is. 
  3. Don’t speak too fast and be sure to articulate. 
  4. Be sure to use the right volume, don’t speak too softly. 
  5. Introduce yourself shortly, say something about your experience & skills and explain why the company should hire you. 
  6. SMILE!

CazVid was especially created for remote workers and local employees. You only need a few minutes to create your account, record a video and apply for the remote job you like. New jobs are added every day, don’t hesitate and start with your application process right now!

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