You can find Modeling jobs in Latin America for free with CazVid.

Modeling as a hobby, have you ever had the wish to do that? If you are happy in your current career, or without work, and try your hand at modeling, then why not try it? Fulfilling a modeling job or gig as a side hustle or hobby can give you the chance to fulfill your curiosity for the modeling industry. If you think you’ve got what it takes, then why not give it a shot. Find your modeling job/gig right now with CazVid. 

There is several reasons why one should be a model: 

  1. Meet new people
  2. Make extra money
  3. Be your own boss
  4. Channel your passion
  5. Challenge yourself


A model should be able to present him/herself for the camera in the best way possible. The best way to express yourself is with a modeling video resume. With a modeling video resume you can present yourself, show your modeling skills and give your first impression to modeling companies around the world. Posting your modeling video resume in CazVid gives you that opportunity. It is free and easy to use and your video resume will be exposed to companies around the world. Don’t wait any longer and create your video resume with CazVid now. 

Here are some tips & tricks for creating your modeling video resume:

  1. First impressions are key
  2. It is not about what you say it is about how you present yourself
  3. Speak clearly
  4. Tell something about yourself and your modeling ambitions
  5. Smile

Create it now with CazVid. 

CazVid is a free, simple to use screening tool for recruitment purposes. The difference with CazVid and other recruitment platforms, is that CazVid is fully video based. Both, the job section and the candidate section only consists of short, 30-second videos. Companies can use it as the perfect tool for screening model video resumes. Models can use it as the perfect tool for exposing themselves to thousands of companies around the world and that just within a few minutes. 

CazVid will always be free to download, upload your video resume or job video, contacting candidates or companies and to get hired or to hire. You can download the application in the App Store or the Google Play Store

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