The magic of CazVid: see and hear your sales job candidate (or your future employer) before you ever communicate with them

Hiring for a sales position? especially for a desirable sales position, with a great pay?  Tired of getting 100s of written resumes that all look the same?  Tired of inviting someone for an interview just to find out that you are going to waste 10 minutes of your time talking to someone who will never be able to be your next salesperson.  How about getting the first impression about the salesperson job seekers before you ever communicate with them?

But hey, the story goes both way!!!  Are you a capable sales professional job seeker?  Tired of submitting all those written resumes and go on all of those interviews, just to find out that you are not impressed with your future potential employer?  How about getting the first impression of the job opening and your employer before you ever communicate them?

And here comes CazVid.

Employers who have sales jobs opening, record a free, short, up to 30 second, video job opening on the CazVid app.

Salespeople do the same.  They record a CazVid Sales Video Resume.  The CazVid is a casual video, a salesperson casual video resume.  The CazVid is the 30 seconds video sales pitch of a salesperson, selling themselves.

Now with CazVid, employers don’t need to meet prospective salespeople employees to get the “first impression.” Ask candidates to CazVid you.  CazVid is the best first impression screening tool out there for prospective employees and employers.

CazVid it in 30 second casual (Caz) Video (Vid). Its free, easy-to-use, and its your video statement to the world. Sign up, record, share and get hired on CazVid.

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