CazVid, great lead generation and screening tool for franchisors

Companies that sell franchises and business opportunities always walk the fine line between their desire to sell more franchises and their need for qualified franchisees.  Franchisors know that one of the most important elements of successful franchisees is their personality.  Business owners and franchisees, who are personable, presentable, and have great communication skills, have greater relationships with their employees and with the customers.    Those relationships lead to better longevity for their business.

CazVid is the perfect tool for franchisors, business opportunity companies, franchise consultants and business brokers.  CazVid is a free app for income opportunities and employment.  More specifically, CazVid allows individuals to record a free 30 second videos, describing themselves and explain what kind of employment or business opportunity they seek.  CazVid also allows employers and companies to record free 30 second video, explaining their job opening, franchise opportunity, or business opportunity. Next, franchisors can communicate on the app with prospective franchisees and enjoy the perfect CazVid matching system.

Sally Facinelli, CFE, explains that “CazVid is a revolutionary game changer allowing you to market yourself, your business, or your opportunity in a more personal ‘touch and feel’ way. ”  Sally has over 20 year of executive experience in the franchise industry.  She is the Chief Visionary Officer of Fresh Advisors, and CazVid is proud to call her “one of their own,” as an advisor of CazVid.

Download the CazVid app, and give it a try.  CazVid is always free to sign up.  It takes 15 seconds.  It is free to record videos and it is always free to communicate with other.