Yuvi Shmul, owner of several small businesses, to present an easy to use, free, video-based, job marketplace for salespeople

As the founder and owner of multiple small businesses and startups over the last two decades, Yuvi Shmul, the founder of CazVid, has identified the need for a free, video-based, job marketplace for salespeople and other consumer-interaction positions.  The evolution of many small businesses, especially main street ventures, involve the hiring of salespeople, sales representatives, and other positions that require interactions with customers.  Founders of businesses are usually the first salespeople and promoters of the business, and as their business grows, they seek individuals who can represent their brand and sell their products and services with the same level of enthusiasm as that of the founders themselves.

Well, that’s where the traditional system of classified written job ads is lacking.  Let’s face it, even the most recent innovative websites and apps for resumes ,job postings and professional networking is missing the element of seeing and hearing the applicants personality. When hiring, Yuvi Shmul would ask job candidates to call him.  Yuvi explained that for many of the positions he was looking to fill, the list of previous experience, work history, and education was almost irrelevant.  The way job candidates communicate, speak, and carry themselves is by far more relevant than the information presented in a traditional written resume.

CazVid is a free, easy to use, video-based resumes and video-based job listings platform. It is designed for employers to showcase their business, job opening and enthusiasm about the work place.  It is also designed for future employees to showcase their personality and excitement about their next position.  The CazVid app and website was created to save employers and prospective employees time and help both parties to find a quick employment match.

video-based free job board for salespeople