CazVid Video Cover Letter for Salespeople Applicants

CazVid is the new and best tool for anyone who’s looking to apply for any sales position.

Traditional written resumes fail to showcase an applicant’s personality and communication skills which is typically what an employer is looking for.

CazVid is the casual video presentation of salespeople. CazVid is the video resume, video cover letter, and video showcase of new candidates.  What to say in your Sales Video Resume?

  1. Mention that you are looking for a sales position.  You will be surprised how many video resumes of sales people fail to mention that they love sales, they have been doing sales for so many years, and they are looking for A SALES POSITION!!!
  2. Mention that you are looking for ONLY sales position.  Why? you are asking.   So many video resumes of sales people include the job seekers mentioning that they are looking for any position: sales, marketing, operations, etc…  Employers who are hiring sales people, want to see that you are looking for a sales position only.
  3. Explain how you are excited about being a sale person and even mention industries you have worked in.  If an employers from one industry hears on your sales video resume that you have worked in the same industry, you might get an immediate advantage.

So, with those 3 points of advice, should I have multiple video resumes?


On CazVid you can upload multiple video resumes FOR FREE.  Have each video resume recorded with a specific position and a few specific industries in mind.  With CazVid, anyone can open a free account, record a video for free, and reach many employers.


Video Cover Letter