CazVid Free Video Job Posting matching with Free Video Resumes

Although video resumes and video showcases of companies have been around for a while, CazVid has innovated the concept with the first video job board platform.  CazVid is a free video job posting and free video resume platform.  Employers record a free 30 second video about their job opening and about their company; prospective employees record a free 30 second video about their background, skills and what type of job they’re seeking. The CazVid app is the matching app, the dating app, the traditional job board classified, with the twist of video-based presentation.

Why are video resumes and video cover letters so powerful?  traditional written cover letters and resumes do not convey the personality and verbal communication skills of the candidates. A CazVid video, called CazVid for its casual video intentions, is the best way to observe the candidate’s personality, charisma, communication skills and enthusiasm.

Why are video job postings so powerful? Employees often would like to see where they’d work and who they’d work for just as an employer is looking for employees with great enthusiasm. Employees are more excited to work for likable employers.  CazVid’s free video job postings can show the employer’s likability, charisma, enthusiasm for their business and excitement about the job opening.  Employers need to sell themselves to potential employees, just as potential employees need to sell themselves to future employers.  CazVid is simply the best job posting tool.

CazVid is the first (patent pending) matching system of prospective employers and employees via video resumes and video job postings and is free to use.

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