Traditional Resumes are Useless. Period. Resumes are a thing of the past – totally unnecessary!!!

There you go, we said it; and we are not the only one saying it.  We are the CazVid free video resume app – so we are kind of biased.

In all fairness, for some jobs, the work history, educational background, and list of accomplishments of the candidates is relevant.   However, even for those jobs, a traditional written resume is probably not that important.  Just submit a list (or even better, recite it in a video) of work history (title, company and dates), education, certificates, and accomplishments.  Again, even for those jobs, a traditional written resume is simply outdated.

BUT HERE IS THE REPLACEMENT – Welcome to the 21st century!!!  Create a 30 second video resume and publish it to the world for free on the CazVid app.  Every job seeker should have a video resume.  Show your prospective employer your charisma, personalty, your enthusiasm about getting hired, and your passion for the field you will be hired.

The CazVid app is always free to download, sign up, and record a 30 second video resume – and its takes a minute.  For excellent jobs – the jobs you want – employers get 1,000s of applicants.  All traditional written resumes look the same.  Employers want to sense your energy and figure out your personality before they even invite you to an interview.  People with a video resume on the CazVid app GET THE INTERVIEW – and GET HIRED!!!

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