Esthetician Video Resumes are the Best Way to get hired in the beauty industry. And it’s free on CazVid

Looking to get a job as an esthetician?  Show case yourself and your skills with a video resume.

Many estheticians, beginners and experienced, go to social media to promote their skills.  Social media is a great place to show case your skills, work and yourself.

Now, more estheticians publish a beauty shoe case viseot, also known as esthetician video resume in CazVid.   Even if you are not looking for a new job right now, let people find you.   Let people see your personality in a video resume.  It’s a 30 seconds video presentation of who you are and why clients should choose you as their beauty consultant.

You will get new clients and maybe you will get that lucrative luxury salon job on the exotic tropical resort.

What is an esthetician video resume?  And what to say?

1. Keep the video resume shorter than 30 seconds.

2. Show case yourself .  Even if you show your work on the video, show yourself and speak to the camera, at the beginning and the end of the video.

3. It should be a casual video.  Not too simple, but not too professional either.   Clients want to see that you are fun and approachable.

4. You can record a selfie esthetician video resume and publish it on CazVid and on all of your accounts.

Looking to hire estheticians?

CazVid is a free platform for esthetician job openings and video resumes.  All the resumes and job openings are video format, casual selfie videos, of up to 30 seconds.   Download the app and record a video, it takes less than a minute.  Then communicate with estheticians and hiring companies – and it’s all free on the CazVid app.



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