Need more people for your call center in Medellín? Search for Colombian call center video resumes.

More Call Centers in Medellín and the rest of Colombia are using video resumes to reach out to potential job candidates. Just like any other video resume for any other position, a Call Center video resume is a great opportunity to get new candidates. Also, with candidates uploading their video resumes, a first screening can be done on the speaking and language skills of the potential candidate. 


Call centers can simply do more to help grow a business than in-house staff can manage. The ultimate benefit of hiring a call center service is to free up your staff members so they can focus on your business’s productivity rather than fielding calls. To get a good first impression of your potential candidate, a video resume is the answer. 


So if you are looking for people for your call center, or if you look for a candidate for a one time project, search online databases of video resumes, like


The CazVid free app of call center video resumes is available for anyone who is searching for candidates. Call Centers can record a 30 second short video describing the company and their need for new job candidates. Call Centers then can search the free video resumes on the CazVid app and contact the candidates there directly.


Also, potential candidates can record a 30 second video resume on the CazVid app at no charge and contact the call center directly from the CazVid app.


CazVid is always free for call centers, recording a 30 second video describing their need and communicating directly with candidates. CazVid is also always free for candidates and individuals who want to get a new  job, to download the app, record a 30 second video resume and communicate directly with call centers and other opportunities. CazVid is the only, completely free, video-based only, call center job videos and video resume application.

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