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How American businesses may locate bilingual call center staff in Latin America

Did you know that 74% of customers want to speak to a company in their own language? Having bilingual call center employees is vital if your business wants to provide a high-quality and competitive level of customer support on the international market. However, it can be challenging and expensive to recruit bilingual talent in the US. Due to the higher supply and, most importantly, lower labor prices in Latin America, North American businesses choose to hire bilingual call center agents there.

In this post, we’ll show you how to use Cazvid, the best way to find the multilingual employees your call center needs, to locate, hire, and manage bilingual call center professionals in Latin America for your business in the United States.

Latin American bilingual call center employees’ benefits

What strong reasons exist for you to employ bilingual workers in Latin America, particularly if you are a representative of a US-based company? You’re not the only person looking for that, if that’s what you’re looking for. And you’re not since these profiles, used in this kind of recruiting and recruitment, have the following benefits:

You have access to a bigger, more varied labor market.

More than 600 million people live in Latin America, and about 10% of them speak English as a second language. Latin America is home to a sizable population of native English speakers. As a result, you have a large selection of alternatives to select the profile that best meets your needs. Additionally, you may rely on employees that are bilingual in both Spanish and English, enabling you to service clients who come from many nations and tongues.

Reduce operating and personnel expenses

When compared to hiring bilingual call center staff in the United States, hiring them in Latin America can save you up to 60%. This is due to lower salaries caused by the region’s lower cost of living and the difference in the exchange rate. As a result, you may provide a superior service at a lower cost.

You boost your consumers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

Your business will be able to provide a customized service that is tailored to the demands and cultural preferences of your customers by hiring bilingual call center agents in Latin America. Employees that speak two languages are better able to comprehend and relate to clients, which fosters loyalty and trust. By removing time and language constraints, you will also be able to give a faster and more effective service.

You boost your business’s reputation and image.

Believe it or not, by doing this, you show your dedication to social responsibility and inclusivity. By creating jobs and opportunities for those who are talented and eager to work, you will contribute to the economic and social growth of the area. Incorporating fresh viewpoints and experiences also helps your firm be more diverse and innovative.

How to use Cazvid to recruit bilingual call center employees in Latin America

If you don’t have the necessary resources, it can be difficult and tedious to find bilingual call center employees in Latin America. We have condensed our primary advice into the following points: Make a video job advertisement and evaluate prospects using video resumes. These two measures not only enable you to learn about the soft skills, personality, attitude, and manner of expression of the candidates, but they also enable candidates to learn about the reputation and credibility of your firm.

How and where can you do it? The solution is Cazvid, an application created specifically for video resumes and commercials.

With the free Cazvid app, you can share and watch brief films of job applicants and employers introducing themselves and highlighting their qualifications. You will have access to thousands of bilingual call center employees in Latin America through Cazvid who are prepared to collaborate with you. How does it function? You just need to adhere to these easy procedures, which are as follows:

  • Install the Cazvid app on your Apple or Android smartphone.
  • Create a 30-second introduction video in which you describe the position you are offering and the qualifications you are seeking, as well as yourself. To draw the candidates’ attention, you must be beautiful and straightforward.
  • Wait for interested individuals to email you their reaction videos after posting your video in the call center category.
  • Examine the candidate videos and select the ones you like the best based on their language, experience, geography, or availability.
  • To learn more about the chosen candidates and determine their language proficiency, get in touch with them by phone or chat, ask for their resumes, and arrange an online interview.

What the relevance of an English-language video CV is might be of interest to you.

You can save time and money while looking for bilingual call center employees in Latin America by using Cazvid. With this app, you have the advantage of being able to see and hear the candidates and learning about their value proposition before the interview. You won’t need intermediaries or to sift through tons of resumes. You may streamline the selecting process and save time by using the video format.

Advice on how to recruit and oversee bilingual contact center employees in Latin America.

Once you have identified the individuals who meet your profile, it is crucial that you effectively hire and manage them. By doing this, you can make sure that your service runs well and that your clients are happy. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Learn about the rules that regulate each nation’s labor and tax laws so that you can adhere to the rights and obligations of both employers and employees, such as the minimum wage, social benefits, taxes, permits, vacations, etc.
  • Establish the type and modalities of the contract. You can choose between numerous types and modalities of contracts for your bilingual call center employees in Latin America depending on your needs and preferences, including determined or indeterminate, by hours or by results, on-site or remote.
  • Consider the level of life, employee expectations, and motives when defining pay and benefits. It’s usually a good idea to provide a fair and competitive compensation that values your skills and experience. You can also give them additional perks that strengthen their dedication and loyalty, such as bonuses, incentives, training, recognition, etc.
  • Give your staff the necessary tools and technical support: a computer, a phone, an internet connection, call center management software, a headset with a microphone, etc., are all things that are required to ensure the proper operation of your call center service.
  • Implement a system of training, supervision, and continuous evaluation: It’s critical that you put in place a system of training, supervision, and continuous evaluation to guarantee quality and performance. You will be able to give them the instruction and assistance they require to advance their abilities and find the solutions they seek in this way.

You can successfully hire and manage bilingual call center employees in Latin America by adhering to these suggestions. The goal is to provide outstanding customer service while maximizing the capabilities of your team.