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One of the most common searches made by American businesses is for qualified software developers who reside in Latin America and speak native English. The explanation is straightforward: many traditional resumes or cover letters are insufficient to evaluate candidates' qualifications, particularly when the needed level of English is at the level of native American English. We provide you the answer in this post if you're wondering how to efficiently locate English-speaking software engineers who reside in Latin America.

How does Cazvid work? What is it?

An app called Cazvid is revolutionizing recruiting and job searching. It enables you to view and produce brief, dynamic films in place of traditional resumes. This allows you to see the personality, soft skills, and English proficiency of professional profiles that interest you. So, you'll be able to decide in a matter of minutes whether a candidate is the correct one and get in touch with him right away.

This app, which alters the rules of the game, is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to locate English-speaking software developers living in Latin America when the required level of English is high, even at the level of the United States. The platform offers the benefit of getting to know the candidates in advance, which implies greater savings in time, costs, and, most importantly, ambiguous or doubtful decisions to fill your openings.

Benefits of employing English-speaking Latin American developers

For businesses or software projects in the United States, there are many benefits to hiring English-speaking software developers who reside in Latin America. Some advantages of doing this include the following:

They are aware of the cultural dynamics in your market.

Latin American English-speaking software engineers can better grasp the demands and preferences of your potential clients because they have a larger and more varied perspective on the world. They will be able to produce more appealing and adaptable products for your target market as a result.

They are in the same timezone.

There is minimal to no time difference between their location in Latin America and your region for these specialists. This prevents scheduling conflicts or delivery delays and makes it easier for your team to communicate with and coordinate with developers.

They have affordable prices.

The fact that Latin Americans have lower living expenses than Americans does, without a question, provide English-speaking software developers there the biggest benefit in terms of being able to charge less for their services. As a result, you will be able to save money and get a better return on your investment.

Why use Cazvid to look for developers who speak English?

The greatest place to find these experts is Cazvid. Here are a few explanations as to why we advise using our platform to look for and locate candidates:

  • Enables you to gauge the candidates' English proficiency. You can view brief, engaging films of candidates on Cazvid where they can demonstrate their personalities, abilities, and command of the English language. As a result, you will be able to determine whether they fit the profile you are seeking, whether they communicate effectively in English, and whether they are enthusiastic about their work.
  • It provides a huge selection of profiles. With a variety of specialties, projects, and experiences, Cazvid has a sizable database of English-speaking software engineers living in Latin America, ranging from novices to specialists. Whatever your requirements or financial constraints, you will be able to identify the best candidate for your company.
  • Allows for quick and direct contact. Through a platform-integrated chat feature, Cazvid enables you to get in touch with the prospects who catch your attention. As a result, you will be able to respond to any inquiries, schedule an interview, or make an offer without middlemen or delays.

You can see that Cazvid is the ideal choice for finding English-speaking software engineers in Latin America. You can access the best people, save time and money, and produce amazing products for your company with Cazvid.

How can I use Cazvid to find software developers who speak English?

With Cazvid, it's simple to look for software developers who speak English. Simply take the following actions:

  • Download the app and sign up. You only need to enter your email, name, and password to complete this. You don't need to fill out lengthy documents or wait for clearance from middlemen.
  • Publish your profile. Include the bare minimum of information about your company, like its name, sector, location, and size. You can also include a succinct summary of your company's mission.
  • Capture the video. Create a 30- to 60-second video on your computer or smartphone in which you introduce your business, the kind of job you do, the skills you need, and the proficiency level in English you want. Be as concise, expert, and interesting as possible in your video job advertisement.
  • Find potential prospects. The platform's filters can be used to locate applicants who meet your requirements. You can narrow your search by region, industry, experience, pay, and English proficiency. Additionally, you'll be able to watch the videos of the candidates who appeal to you and decide whether or not you like them.
  • Reach out to the candidates. Through the platform's built-in chat feature, you may get in touch with any candidates that grab your attention. As a result, you can respond to any inquiries, schedule an interview, or provide an offer.

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In conclusion, American businesses who wish to produce cutting-edge goods tailored to their market should strongly consider hiring English-speaking software developers who reside in Latin America. These experts have a more comprehensive and varied understanding of their particular field, suitable time availability, and affordable rates. Additionally, Cazvid makes it simple, quick, and free to locate them through brief, engaging videos that let you assess their personality, abilities, and English proficiency.

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